The SUPER PANDORA BOX 11 PLUS - Offers the ultimate in retro video gaming. This console comes NOW WITH 3160 video games included.  It is an arcade quality video game console, that feels and functions just like the original stand-up consoles at the video arcade. 

These gaming consoles take retro gaming to a whole new level, with High Definition video output. Just connect to any flat screen TV with the supplied HDMI Cable. This is version 11 PLUS ( NOW UPGRADED AND WITH MORE GAMES ) - and it comes with an upgraded computer processor for super smooth video game play.


Enjoy classic arcade games like Mario Andretti Racing, Pac Man, Street FIghter, Tekken, and thousands more.  Backlit buttons proide a nice accent and instantly bring you back to the glory days of arcade gaming.


We're bringing back retro video game excitement.


The quality of the console takes home gaming to a new level. Now you can play your favorite classic games the way you remember them.


Choose from different styles: Spiederman, Street Fighter, or CAPTAIN AMERICA / IRON MAN themes.

RESOLUTION SWITCHING - In order to adapt to the requirements of high-definition, Pandora's Box 11plus provides a variety of resolution switching including1280 x 720, 1024 x 768, 640 x 480. Adapt to more monitors. GAMES CLASSIFICATION - In addition to favorite games and hide games function,